asmechem chamber of commerce & industry of india

ASMECHEM Chamber of
Commerce & Industry of India:
Participation in the CHEMSPEC India Exhibitions

ASMECHEM Chamber of Commerce & Industry of India has been regularly participating in the International Exhibition CHEMSPEC India, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre (NSE Complex), Goregaon, Mumbai. CHEMSPEC Exhibitions are the only series of events dedicated specifically to the fine and speciality chemicals market. This event brings an opportunity to the ASMECHEM members to connect with the major players in the industry from around the world.

CHEMSPEC India represents diverse sectors of the Fine and Specialty Chemical industry, such as:

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) & Drug Intermediates
  • Agrochemicals, Catalysts, Coatings, Contract & Toll Manufacturing, Cosmetic Chemicals/ Ingredients, Dyes & Pigments, Enzymes, etc., Laboratory Chemicals, Surfactants, Water Treatment Chemicals, etc.

Features of CHEMSPEC India:

  • International pavilions from China, domestic pavilion from ASMECHEM Chamber of Commerce & Industry of India,
  • Concurrent Exhibitions: ChemProtech India, HPIC India, ChemLogistics India and a special focus on Water and Wastewater Treatment.
  • Onsite Conference on 6 topics such as Agrochemicals, Chemical Logistics, Chemical Process & Technology, Home & Personal Care, Surfactants, Water Treatment and Special Offer for SMEs.

CHEMSPEC INDIA has offered exclusive rate for SME companies which are members of ASMECHEM Chamber of Commerce & Industry of India to make the most of an excellent opportunity to showcase their capabilities. Therefore, ASMECHEM Chamber of Commerce & Industry of India had been allocated a special pavilion named, ASMECHEM Pavilion, exclusively meant for the benefit of the members ASMECHEM who can take advantage of this opportunity to avail a platform under the banner of ASMECHEM at an affordable price to showcase their products and services ensuring that the products are globally connected. ASMECHEM had specially asked the organizer to allocate the subsidized * stands in “A” section keeping in view that ASMECHEM members experienced more foot fall at this location during the two‐days exhibition. The subsidized rates of ASMECHEM are as follows: Rs. 9, 500/‐ per sqm + applicable taxes. This rate is at least 25‐30%lessthan theCatalogue Price (i.e.,Rs.13, 000/‐ per sqm+ applicable taxes) There are 9/12/15 and 18 sqm erected shell stands available on a first‐ come first‐serve basis. To get the best location in the ASMECHEM Pavilion, the members have to confirm in writing mentioning the specific requirement at the earliest as the number of stalls are very few. Members are requested to avail this opportunity to get the subsidized platform of ASMECHEM to get connected globally for their various speciality chemicals and allied products. Non‐members, too, can avail stands/platform as per specific requirement in order to participate in the mega exhibition by applying for membership of ASMECHEM Chamber concurrently. In case ASMECHEM members need any more information, please feel free to contact ASMECHEM Chamber office on Tel: 022 2493 8825/022 6123 3500/3529 or The Executive Secretary of the Chamber on Mob# 9869026672, or write to the ASMECHEM Chamber by e‐mail on